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Collaboration, Decision Making

Clearly Blue is a knowledge services firm based in Bangalore, India. Serving customers across technology, learning and healthcare verticals, Clearly Blue provides content, marketing, learning and design support to enterprises of all sizes.

The Problem
The company was growing rapidly and was ramping up hiring and needed a platform that could support hiring and also act as a central repository for all candidate information. In addition, the entire company was working remotely and having a hard time coordinating with other team members to make educated decisions especially when it came to hiring new people. The CEO of Clearly Blue approached Truthsift to help with streamline their hiring process.

How did Truthsift help?
Team Truthsift first met with the Clearly Blue HR to identify the challenges of the current hiring process. Communication was identified as the biggest challenge. After candidate interview, HR had to make a lot of effort to follow up with the hiring managers, who in turn also spent hours note taking and sending this information HR who then made the decision. The quality of candidates being hired was getting impacted and the team was generally frustrated with the hiring process.

Truthsift helped Clearly Blue (CB) Team set up the initial Candidate Card, the card essentially represented a file. It acted as the central repository for all candidate information. CB team was able now able to add all candidate information such as notes, resume, recommendation letters, previous work examples within the candidate card. This also allowed users – HR managers as well as Hiring managers to be able to access this information as and when they wanted. Hiring managers were also able to attach their interview questions to ensure the other hiring managers as well as HR was able to view the question and therefore not repeating themselves.

The second step was to identify the best parameters for this:
1. Years of work experience (1= Low Expectation 10 =Exceed Expectation)
2. Relevant Development Skills (1= Low Expectation 10 =Exceed Expectation)
3. Resume Relevancy (1= Low Expectation 10 =Exceed Expectation)
4. Communication Skills (1= Poor Communication 10 = Excellent Communication)
5. Candidate Availability (1= Inability to start immediately 10= Immediate availability)
6. Ability to problem solve and make decisions (1=N 10=Y)
7. Critical and Analytical Skills (1=N 10=Y)
8. Relocation Cost to the Company (1= Heavy cost 10 = zero cost)
9. Salary expectation within budget? (None=N 10=Y)

Once the candidate cards were created and the parameters finalized the workflow enabled different Hiring Managers to add their notes, comments, discussions into the proof tree graph and were able to build out the pros and cons of a particular candidate. Once this effort was completed and scoring finalized, the hiring team was clearly able to see the right candidate for the position. Here’s the CEO’s testimonial:
My HR and Finance personnel used TruthSift to make recruiting and accounting decisions. Decisions that previously took days were made in hours out even within one sit-down meeting. We were also able to identify when and where decision flows pivoted. I’d recommend TruthSift for business and product teams as an easy-to-use platform to collaborate on tough decisions and complex flows.

Some of the benefits of Truthsift, CB team identified were
– A great way to share conflicting opinions across teams
– Simple and easy-to-use web-based interface
– The graphical representation makes it easier to understand and analyze results
– Accessibility and convenience of time and place
– Meaningful and self-explanatory graphs
– The Workspace folder structure helps to add, organize topics and invite users within the team

Closing Remarks
When you choose to utilize Truthsift as a decision support platform, it is most ideal to find a subject matter expert on your team or someone that is familiar with your brand to perform an analysis. We are happy to help you source a subject matter expert as a case study participant for Truthsift, but the case study may take longer as it requires the Researcher to be trained up on both Truthsift as well as your company. To get the best use out of the tool, it is helpful to utilize an internal resource, as they will be able to help you get your team trained up on Truthsift quickly for ongoing utilization of our software.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Truthsift team.

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