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Simplify decision making in your enterprise

TruthSift is a decision making engine that helps you sift through contrasting opinions and make informed decisions through a rational process.

Why Truthsift?

Platform Benefits

TruthSift empowers you to make logical unbiased decisions based on facts. It gives you a centralized repository of all the decisions you make and a snapshot view of why you made that decision.

Distinctive Rating System

Truthsift never loses track. Discussions may be limitless within the leaf nodes, but Truthsift will always keep up, ensuring every comment is rated and that the rating is factored into the overall decision. 

Fosters Collaboration

Our platform allows team members to interact with each other in real time. This type of proactive analysis allows businesses to stay on top of their decisions. 

Helps Mitigate Risk

Having the visual provided by a decision tree helps you to include more potential actions and outcomes than you might have versus conversations alone.

Open API

Truthsift’s open API means it will easily integrate with any existing system without having to reinvent the wheel.

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Truthsift is infinitely adaptable.

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