Truthsift Use Case: Best Marketing Channels to Make an Initial Investment In


Case Study

Several months ago, we were contacted by the CEO of a US-based men’s health & sexual wellness technology brand about a marketing problem they are currently having. 

Many of us have experienced the problem he shared: being extremely familiar with the product and industry but not having the expertise needed when it came to marketing and best practices for a B2C market. 

With thousands of different marketing avenues to go down and not knowing which to go for, it can be difficult for many to make the right decision. 

So read below as we explain how we helped solve this problem by providing actionable data to ensure higher success thanks to our Truthsift platform. 

But firstly, what is Truthsift? In short, it’s an easy-to-use decision support system that takes data, scores, and many other factors into account to make the right decisions.

The Problem Defined

To use Truthsift correctly, the first step is identifying the problem you want to resolve through research. For the health & sexual wellness brand, the problem/question was, “What are the best marketing channels for our company to invest in as we go to market in order to make conversions?”

How Truthsift Was Able to Help

By using our scientific framework that’s fed into our Truthsift software, we can find the definite answer to this issue. 

But how were we able to do this?

First of all, we identified potential topics needing research. By limiting our topics to paid marketing activities, we were able to look at all the major avenues and found KPIs to measure which ones should perform the best. 

The health & sexual wellness brand had already identified one KPI: conversion rate per platform. If potential customers are not converting, they can’t make sales, and their company will be unsuccessful as a result. That makes sense, right?

So to measure success correctly, Truthsift defined the following parameters based on the goal the CEO wanted to achieve/know. 

  1. Average Conversion Rate
  2. Likelihood of Reaching Primary Target Audience
  3. Likelihood of Reaching Secondary Target Audience
  4. Are Our Competitors Using This Channel?
  5. What are the Costs Associated With This Form of Marketing 

These were chosen to see which marketing channel would be the best for the client, and after thorough research and investigation, we were able to come up with our findings. 

We ranked each marketing channel based on how high they scored on a 1-10 scale out of the five KPIs listed above.

What the Findings Showed

After conducting a detailed analysis, we found which marketing channels would be best to use for this health & sexual wellness brand. These were:

1.Shopify Retargeting Advertising
2.Paid Social: Facebook/Instagram
3.Google Ads, SEO, Keywords, PPC, Video Retargeting
4.Amazon Advertising
5.Paid Social: OnlyFans
6.Paid Social: Grindr
7.Paid Social: Tik Tok
8.Paid Social: Influencer Marketing
9.Adult Content Sites

So let’s explain in detail the top five best marketing channels for this business. 

  1. Shopify Retargeting Advertising

As can be seen above, this was the one that Truthsift recommended above all others. Scoring high on all KPIs (with target audience reach and competitors using the channel scoring 10s) and being the easiest to implement into their processes, this is a great one for the Health & Sexual Wellness brand to pick. 

  1. Paid Social: Facebook/Instagram

In this one, we found that many competitors already use Facebook/Instagram marketing channels, so it won’t be as advantageous compared to the first option. However, it will still be a good idea to reach their secondary target audience, especially as these channels have been providing a heavier focus on eCommerce recently.

  1. Google Ads, SEO, Keywords, PPC, Video Retargeting

Although competitors are bidding for similar keywords, fitness and health CPC is still quite low at around $1.98 on average. This could be a great option for this health & sexual wellness brand to choose from. 

  1. Amazon Advertising

From creating unlimited posts to accessing a large audience of potential customers, this channel has many benefits. However, many competitors are selling on Amazon, so it’s not as good of an idea as others listed above. 

  1. Paid Social: OnlyFans

This new platform shares a similar industry, and it might be a good fit for this brand. With users already purchasing lots of content on the platform, it stands to reason that they are also likely to buy advertised products. 

Helping Brands Succeed with Truthsift

The analysis we performed at Truthsift gave this brand the perfect starting point before they went to market with their new product. 

However, this data is typically only relevant for short-period. With markets adapting and changing according to the latest trends, the results may change in the future. Because of this, constant analysis is always needed to ensure the right decisions are made every time. 

If this case study caught your interest, why not contact the Truthsift team to see how we can help your business achieve similar success? 

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