Truthsift Essentials: From the CEO’s Desk

Eric Baum

General Musings

There is an old saying that the reception of every truly profound invention goes through three stages: first “that’s wrong”, then “that’s obvious”,  and finally “I thought of it first”. Sometimes in retrospect, the most profound inventions are the simplest.

TruthSift is such a profound yet simple invention. 

Fact-led process 

TruthSift lets you verify that the decisions you make or statements you believe are correct according to all the available data and arguments. It solves the human tendency to ignore the evidence against your cherished beliefs and positions, and to choose crowd-think over what the evidence actually indicates.

Data-based verification 

It visually divides the topic of the day up into semantically organized subtopics upon which the answer depends, and settles them one at a time, and automatically propagates the conclusions upward, teaching the essence of clear and critical thinking. 

Process clarity 

It leaves you with a visual showing exactly how you came to your conclusions, and how all the arguments against sub-conclusions were rejected, and if new evidence comes in, it shows you exactly what parts of the debate are affected. It shows who contributed what to the final product (unless you authorize anonymity – in which case it allows you to determine what your employees really think when they’re not just trying to say what they think the boss wants to hear!). It facilitates remote and asynchronous collaboration. A combination of all this is highly impactful.

The whole truth and nothing but the truth 

Enterprises often have great difficulty motivating everybody to work on the common mission, since individuals tend to be competitive with one another within the organization, and have competing incentives. The first casualty of such Machiavellianism is objectivity, AKA the truth. Also, nobody wants to be the one to pass bad news up, so the CEO is often the last to know the truth. TruthSift motivates people to transparently expose the truth and lay it out systematically in a diagram, and organizes your team into a shared mission.

Groupthink is a much bigger problem for your business than you probably realize. Often you don’t even perceive instances of groupthink. You probably get carried along with the crowd. Psychology experiments have shown that the delusions of the crowd can affect even basic perceptions, even of something right in front of your eyes. 

Using TruthSift, if one of your employees points out a fundamental improvement, and I assure you they exist because crowd-think is pervasive everywhere there are humans and even more so everywhere there are experts, TruthSift will force you to look objectively past the crowd-think by red flagging your conclusion until you come up with a rational argument for it, and a rational refutation of the objection. 

A non-controversial example in the business world is the case of Moneyball. Professional sports managers had been systematically misvaluing billions of dollars in talent. Bill James had been trying to point it out for decades, and Billy Beane finally ran with it. 

Be the Billy Beane in your industry. Use TruthSift.

Taking the scientific method a step further

Humans have made great progress since the invention of scientific literature. Scientists discover conclusions and publish them in papers. Other scientists check these conclusions and publish papers challenging those that are wrong. Ideally, wrong ones are rejected, retracted, or ignored, and further papers are built extending only the correct conclusions. Scientific literature provides a record documenting what conclusions are correct and how they were arrived at so that students can come to learn what is known and how to think critically.

TruthSift improves on scientific literature by making the process visual as well allowing users to challenge and refute statements in real-time, thus enforcing the neglect of incorrect results,  and providing a dependency graph that shows what’s affected when some conclusion is retracted. TruthSift for the first time allows you to progress in business using the method that has led to all this progress in science. The effects will be nothing short of revolutionary. 

Apply the method of science to your business and watch it blossom.

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