What TruthSift is For?

TruthSift is a cloud-based platform that graphically and collaboratively applies scientific/mathematical thinking to any topic.

In the normal practice of mathematics, a mathematician may publish a proof of some statement. Others may post refutations if they see problems with steps in the proof. Mathematicians may fix the proof or point out where the proposed refutations are mistaken. If at the end of the day, there is a proof standing for which all proposed refutations have been themselves refuted (or fixed), then the proof is accepted. The rigor of the process and the defense against all objections is what makes Mathematics correct and science useful. When scientific fields lapse in this rigor, Richard Feynman pointed out, they become Cargo Cult, and cease to function as science. TruthSift diagrams this process and lets you apply it to reason about any topic.

Just as in mathematical practice, TruthSift rates a statement established if and only if there is an established proof of all its assumptions and it, and an established refutation of all proposed refutations. This is verified recursively, and established statements are drawn with thick bold borders and thick outgoing arrows. So you can instantly tell what is rated established, and why. Tentatively established statements are drawn with a green check and tentatively refuted statements are drawn with a red X. A statement is tentatively established if it is labeled with a green checkmark, and it is tentatively established because all of its refutations are refuted and it has at least one tentatively established proof or has not been challenged as needing one. Clicking on a statement will select it on the diagram. You can walk around the diagram focusing on each statement in turn to understand exactly why every statement is established or refuted.

The Pros and the Cons fight it out rationally, point by point. The process naturally divides the debate about a subject up into points that different people can contribute to. The machine marks the rational conclusion based on all contributions to date exactly as in mathematical practice, allowing people to collaborate even when they don't agree, and allowing deep and complex conclusions to be correctly drawn and transparently documented.

You can also use TruthSift for forward planning and to brainstorm, as suggested in the QuickStart Guide.

Applying the precision of mathematical reasoning collectively to other subjects enables people to avoid many delusions and errors.

TruthSift also supports the intuitive construction and dynamic evaluation of probablistic models.

TruthSift's public topics depend on and reflect your contributions, so if you see anything you disagree with, and you can state why, please correct the topic by posting a challenge. And if there is anything you think people should know, or any question you think they should explore, please post a demonstration or the beginnings of an investigation.

The statements and topics posted are not the opinions of TruthSift. They are posted by members, and rated according to the formula. The process is not biased in any political direction, but reflects your contributions and logic. Please contribute your rational argument and watch the ratings change in real time.