Get Started Quick

A good intuitive way to get started on TruthSift is to create a draft or private topic informally debating a question you care about.

First post the topic statement, for example: I should make decision X. Then make a proof for it "The argument for X" and a challenge of it "the argument against X". Then add whatever different arguments in favor you have as proofs of "The argument for X", and arguments against as proofs of "the argument against X". Figure 1.

Some of these may have assumptions, which you can add as supporting replies and then debate, or complicating factors that may challenge their importance, which you can add as refuting replies. You can go ahead and add those too, start trying to resolve the issue point by point. Figure 2.

If others are involved, they can add pros and cons reflecting their point of view too. After you've gotten most of the pros and cons down, and debated some of the subpoints, you can try to provide a statement (or a collection of statements) spelling out a proof based on what you have learned, that X is (or is not) the right decision. (And if others are involved, they can challenge and contribute. If not, you can critique it yourself.). This last step may improve qualitatively on your past decision making lists.

To do all this is easy. Sign up. Then Hit Add Topic at the top right of any TruthSift page.

You will get an edit page. Add your topic statement ("I should make decision X") and hit save.

You will see the gold topic statement. Scroll down until you see the statement body and select "reply" to get started by adding your first supporting or refuting reply.

Then simply continue adding statements till you have built up the diagram and understood your decision.

If you just follow the default, the topic will be a draft. . But you can select public or private on the edit window, or go to your "my draft topics" page using the "my account" drop down to change it into a public or private topic. If you click on "sharing", you will be able to invite others to participate in the topic by adding their screen names or email addresses.

At the end of this exercise, you should understand both your decision and TruthSift better than when you started.