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PROOF: Evidence for fake news and fake facts and censorship of true facts
By: Eric, on 21 Nov 2018

CNN labels Democrat governor Republican just because he's in a scandal

Here's an example where the New York Times printed a fake story, Trump called them on it, they then doubled down claiming they had a tape supporting their account, the media double down supporting them, but the tape does not support their account. You can hear it for yourself at this link:

The news has been fake for a long time. Here is Thomas Jefferson talking about the problem:

It's not just America. Here's an example discussing fictitious stories about Assange by the Guardian: ;;;;;;;;; The top reporter at der Spiegel just resigned after admitting he had made up at least 14 stories out of whole cloth. .  In 2016 a top  German journalist quit saying the news was all fake, "we are all paid by the CIA". ;;;

Here's a discussion from back in 2016 of 25 fake stories: ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Here's a collection of times where the media in lockstep ran with obvious fake stories about trump when they were negative, and ignored facts favoring him.


But while the media often prints fabricated stories, probably the more important way in which they lie is by ignoring important stories they don't like. Here's the discussion of the media ignoring the Obama administration shutting down an investigation into Hezbollah money laundering. 

Here's a discussion (from a somewhat left-wing perspective) of 10 major stories of the media refused to cover:

The media just gave blaring front page coverage around the world to a mosque shooting in New Zealand, but they completely ignore the fact that last year more than 4000 Christians were murdered in faith related killings.


Here's a discussion  (from a somewhat right-wing perspective) of 12 entirely disjoint stories in 2017 that the media refused to cover: ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

One of the stories listed there in that last link was the Las Vegas shooting. But the story got considerably worse when in 2018 the  Nevada Supreme Court forced the police to publish the 911 calls and the officers cameras video and it became completely clear the authorities were lying about what transpired, and nobody in the media covered it at all With the exception of Laura Loomer who was shortly thereafter banned for life by twitter. 

 My personal favorite was the complete media whitewash of the senior CDC scientist whistleblower who  testified that he and fellow CDC researchers found data showing a huge increase in autism among black children who had MMR before three years old and the CDC's response was to cover it up. He testified that they called a meeting to shred the data, and he kept the data, and he supplied it to the Congress. He had emails between him and the head of CDC confirming his testimony. The media completely whitewashed it. The media gets a huge fraction of their advertising revenue from big Pharma and apparently has no interest in crossing them.

Also amusing that FBI and CIA sources told the Washington Post that they didn't believe  a key claim in  the Steele dossier but the Washington Post withheld that bit of information. ;;;;;;;;;;

 This censorship is not just American either. Today's story, big protests in Sweden are ignored completely by Swedish mainstream media.


 it's obvious by now that there is a  near unanimous action by many major corporations including tech companies such as Facebook, twitter, Google,  PayPal, etc. to shut down alternative viewpoints to that of the left. Here for example is Twitter suspending Alex Jones for past violations three days after testifying to Congress that he had no past violations of their terms of service.

Here's Twitter admitting that they shadow banned  ate tweet by the cofounder of the Federalist Society containing testimony of Lisa page to the U.S. Congress.


Here's hidden video of Twitter employees discussing shadow banning conservatives:

Here's a whistleblower giving internal documents from Facebook showing complex programs written specifically to censor right.


Conservatives or people opposed to the deep state often report their followers start vanishing overnight or people can't reach them or the views on their videos strangely go down. Here is  Sharyl Attkinson remarketing that her video about a court date to sue the deep state for hacking her computer dropped from 20,000 views to 2000 views in a day: ;;;;;;;;;;;

95% of suspended prominent users on Twitter were trump supporters.

 Part of the reason for this may be, as is shown by leaked documents, that Soros hired media matters to lobby for such a collusive restraint on free speech.

 They aren't doing this because they think rational argument is on their side, And it is costing them lots of money since they are losing much of their audience and many of their free content providers and in PayPal's case for example simple fees from popular websites.

Here's internal documents from Facebook published by the New York Times showing how political bias is affecting censorship by the company.

Here is Facebook purging hundreds of  Conservative accounts with millions of followers.

Here is Google telling you that the top five  "American inventors" and 10 of the top 12 are black. The Wright brothers don't make their top 50 list.

Here's Google internal documents showing they discussed warping search rankings based on an ideology:

Here's Google internal documents showing they have ideological blacklist and whitelist for YouTube rankings in search. The lists were and edited although CEO Pinchar  testified under oath to Congress that they never hand manipulated search results. ;;;;;;;

 here's Google warping auto complete:



Here's evidence that the official line  on the Skripal case in which the British government accused Russia of using neurotoxins to poison a couple within Britain is fictional.




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