Will TruthSift succeed?

27 Oct 2015
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27 Oct 2015
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TruthSift will succeed

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There needs to be a training or demo phase for new users
For example, within a corporation workers may be able to conform to a standard and generate highly useful diagrams.
The nature of discourse may be that people disagree on what is rational
Many people will see they don't like the conclusions, and refuse to look further
Even if that is the case, TruthSift can attract a following who agree on the nature of rationality
For an Overview of TruthSift
The "vaccines are safe?" Graph already demonstrates huge costly holes in popular understanding
We will know soon enough when we get more empirical data.
TruthSift will succeed
TruthSift may go over everybodies head and noone adopt it
If TruthSift can attract a small following of passionate ethical smart users, it will construct incredibly valuable data.

Since this is a tool which requires a certain amount of learning, there has to be a phase where its effectiveness can be demonstrated using examples and tutorials. The best simile is that of a Spreadsheet. Nobody can use a spreadsheet without some help and initial learning. All powerful tools require a learning curve. The motivation to learn comes from appreciating its effectiveness.