Were the US Presidential 2020 elections rigged?

21 Nov 2020
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21 Nov 2020
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Some say that the US Presidential 2020 elections were rigged

The Republicans say that there is clear evidence of voter fraud in nearly all states.

The Democrates say that this was a fair election.

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A short video on how the #Democrats defrauded #America and each other!
Nevada has 80,000 votes more for president than there were ballots cast. Michigan has districts with 781% as many votes as registered voters.
The results themselves show the election was rigged
Smartmatic and Dominion are extremely shady companies. Smartmatic has stolen elections before
20,000 of Pennsylvania's absentee ballots are listed as having been received before they were mailed out
Look at the early morning vote dumps in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, And look at Trump losing votes in GA and PA
Joe Biden brags about having ?the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization in the history of American politics?
Ms. Articia Bomer witnessed ballot fraud in Detroit and explains how it was done!
9 Sworn Affidavits in Georgia of Poll Watchers who report machine filled out Absentee ballots all for Biden
Sworn affidavit four times as many ballots processed at four centers In Michigan as physically possible in the time allotted
New study shows more than 50,000 illegals voted in each of Georgia and Arizona
Common Sense 101
They have put forward proof
No evidence for systemic vote rigging
Some say that the US Presidential 2020 elections were rigged

A short video on how the #Democrats defrauded #America and each other! Demo of hacking machine. 

Nevada has 80,000 votes more for president then there were ballots cast

The authorities in Clark County already voided a local race because it was fraudulent-  but that race was on the same ballot as president. how do you get fraudulent ballots for one but not the other? 

Michigan has more votes for president than there were registered voters in the state,  and there are a number of districts with up to 350% as many votes as registered voters.  According to an affidavit in the MI lawsuit, one Michigan precinct/twnship had 781.91% turnout.(p3)

Biden  is senile,  openly corrupt, shown in many videos groping kids, has never had any success running for president before,  couldn't draw more than a dozen voters to any of his rallies and almost nobody  watched him on the Internet either,  pretty much didn't campaign at all, and according to 90% of everybody polled  was hammered in the debates, especially the last one.  we are supposed to believe he got 10 million votes more than Obama?  he carried Arizona which is fiercely in favor of the wall and has voted Republican every election this century?

 and he got all these votes in an election where Trump got  at least 10.8 million more votes than he did in 2016,  and where  18 of 19 bellwether counties that have always voted for the president going back to the 80s voted for Trump   and where Republicans won all 27 of 27 races classified by experts going into the election as  too close to call? President Trump’s margin of victory in the other 18 counties averaged over 16 points. In a larger list of 58 bellwether counties that have correctly picked the president since 2000, Trump won 51 of them by an average of 15 points, while the other seven went to Biden by around four points. 

And he got them with hundreds of thousands of ballots that only voted for him and no other races? 

It doesn't pass the laugh test.  

Joe Biden Gets Only 1,000 Viewers to Watch His Thanksgiving Address Live — But He Got 80 Million Votes? — What a COMPLETE JOKE!

 they stopped counting votes in all of the crucial states at the same time around one in the morning.  when before have they ever stopped counting votes?  obviously was coordinated because they did it multiple places and have never done it before.  and obviously they did it so they can manufacture a whole bunch of more votes since Trump was leading by so much.

Look at the first image below, which shows how the votes stood in key states when they suspended counting. Trump was winning by 15% with 64% counted in Pennsylvania. In Michigan  with 59% counted,  he was winning by 10%.  in Georgia, with 83% counted, he was winning by 7 1/2%.  when have you ever seen  the media not call races like these? these are insurmountable leads without cheating. and then look at the races the media did call.  Fox called Virginia with less than 1% counted and Trump winning 60% to 40% for Biden.  they called Arizona, which historically  consistently goes Republican for president,  with none of the election day votes counted for Biden. these calls by the media are clearly rigged as well. they are in on it which is why they refused to cover the evidence that has been presented and keep claiming it doesn't exist. there is vast evidence. https://hereistheevidence.com


Smartmatic's director admitted their voting system was used to create at least 1 million extra votes in a 2017 Venezuelan election. He said it happened when some party's auditors weren't present at every stage of the election.

CNN  in 2006 says pretty much the same stuff as Sidney Powell about  smartmatic being compromised. 

Filipino attorney & election watchdog Glenn Chong documents how Smartmatic machines were "preloaded" before Election Day with more than 4,100 votes spread over 145 machines in his 2010 congressional election.

After Venezuelan Smartmatic official Marlon Garcia “tweaked” central server during 2016 Philippines vote tabulation, Philippine VP candidate’s 900k+ lead “was wiped out.” Several Smartmatic employees were criminally charged w/tampering. Garcia fled the country.

The link Between Dominion, Sequoia, Smartmatic, and the CCP

A computer expert claims that Internet sub domains of Dominion Voting Systems lead to a data center in China.

Dominion Voting Systems patents given in 2019 to China Bank for collateral.

Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui (@Milesguo) says the Dominion Voting Systems was developed by Peking University’s Founder Group.

A former manager for Smartmatic  is currently the election administrator for  Republican Torrance County Texas  where Biden  got 42% more votes than Hillary. 

Proof That Smartmatic Voting Machines Were Created By Communists to Overthrow the Will of the People


Did you know that Dominion's voting software "Allows staff to adjust tally based on review of scanned ballot images"?

Dominion’s Trump-Hating Executive Eric Coomer Performed a Suspicious Update in Georgia a Week Before Early Voting Started

The software update made 12-days before voting began in Georgia was not adequately tested for security issues nor was it recertified by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission. 

SECOND VIDEO REVEALED of Dominion Voting System’s Eric Coomer Explaining to Elections Officials How to Switch Votes (VIDEO) In Illinois this time. Meanwhile since the election  Dominion has scrubbed him from their webpages. 

Patrick Byrne: Dissecting The Electronic Steal

Watch *this video* & tell me there were no disturbing irregularities with PA's absentee ballot database. 20,000 were ballots received *BEFORE* they were mailed. Unless the U.S. government built a time machine, *THIS* is impossible


Governor Wolf MANDATED Dominion Voting Systems — It was NOT Voted on by Lawmakers Wolf also removed all security barcodes from ballots that were originally put in place to protect counterfeiting ballots-from today's hearing quoting  lawmakers in Pennsylvania. 

 see also image,  800,000 more absentee ballots received back then mailed out. 




See the attached images with the time sequence of votes coming in in Wisconsin and Michigan taken from the New York Times data.  in both cases Trump is winning until a dump of more than 100,000 Biden votes with essentially no trump votes in the whole batch comes in in the wee hours of the morning.  in the Wisconsin case not only is it fake,  but the number we are supposed to believe is 143,379  which is the hex code for dark blue so evidently the programmer who inserted these fictitious votes in the record signed his name. 

Here's a picture from the New York Times data showing all the times votes were taken away from Trump in Pennsylvania.  how can it be legitimate to take votes away, to take them repeatedly, and take them only from one candidate? 

Even the CNN guys were staggered when the vote dump came in  in Wisconsin. 

Here's the picture in Georgia.  Picture shows Trump losing  thousands of votes on a few occasions. How do votes get taken away from Trump legitimately? 

Joe Biden brags a few weeks before the election about having “the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization in the history of American politics” (video). 

Ms. Articia Bomer witnessed ballot fraud in Detroit and explains how it was done!

9 Sworn Affidavits in Georgia of Poll Watchers who report machine filled out Absentee ballots In large bunches all for Biden. 

"Something occurred in Michigan that is physically impossible, indicating the results were manipulated on election night...The event as reflected in the data are the 4 spikes totaling 384,733 ballots allegedly processed in 2 hour and 38 minutes.

"This is physically impossible given the equipment available at the 4 reference locations we looked at for processing ballots...94,867 ballots as the maximum number of ballots that could be processed"

"In any event, there were 289,866 more ballots processed in the time available for processing"

Sworn affidavit

New study shows more than 50,000 illegals voted each of Georgia and Arizona. 

Common sense 101: You don’t destroy ballots, refuse audits and have big tech censor your citizens because you acted honestly.
The American election was clearly rigged.

The bigger question is whether or not this was the 1st time.

And Let's not forget,  also keep observers out of the count,  who are legally required to be admitted, even after being ordered to by the Supreme Court, and in multiple states. this also has never happened before, yet happened this year in  at least Pennsylvania Michigan and Georgia. 

They have around a thousand affidavits,  for example.  they have released at least a dozen of these,  and they have explained they are not going to name everybody  before they go to court because all of their witnesses and attorneys receive death threats  and intimidation  and doxing of where their kids go to school.

 they also have numerous expert statisticians ready to testify to the many statistical anomalies such as Benford's law and many others which prove that vote was fraudulent beyond any reasonable doubt. these discussions are available on the web if you're interested in them possibly in other parts of this diagram. 

Although I can't say definitively there was NO rigging I can say that if the Republicans had ANY credible evidence they would have put it forward by now. Watching the shenanigans they are trying would be laughable if it wasn't so dangerous to our 'Democracy'

The Republicans say that there is clear evidence of voter fraud in nearly all states.

The Democrates say that this was a fair election.