TruthSift - About Us

Dr. Eric Baum

Dr. Eric Baum conceived TruthSift in 2013 in direct reaction to his finally perceiving what a devastating problem Crowd Think is for the world. He has led the design and development of service, supported by a team of talented developers including Frank Nguyen, Casildo Romero, and Alex Koorkoff.

Dr. Baum earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees at Harvard University and a MA and Ph.D. in Physics at Princeton University. He worked at U Cal Berkeley, MIT, Caltech, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Princeton University, the NEC Research Institute, Azure Sky Research, and was a Director at Netrics.

Dr. Baum is the author or co-author of numerous patents and technical publications including Zero Cosmological Constant from Minimum Action, Bounds on Ultrametric Structures, Internal Representations for Associative Memory, What Size Net Gives Valid Generalization, Neural Net Algorithms that Learn in Polynomial Time from Examples and Queries, DNA Sequences useful for Computation, A Bayesian Approach to Relevance in Game Playing, Evolution of Cooperative Problem Solving in an Artificial Economy, An Evolutionary Post Production System, Where Genetic Algorithms Excel, How to Build an Understanding Machine, and the MIT Press monograph "What is Thought?" (linked to Amazon).

Dr. Baum is an avid beach volleyball player and is a father of four.

Frank Nguyen

Frank is a Silicon Valley industry veteran and serial entrepreneur with an extensive background in executive and functional engineering roles at PopMyDeal, iLook Corporation, Infolink Engineering and was part of successful mergers of SaaS mobile and marketing start-up Fanminder with Total Merchant Services and IPInfusion with ACCESS Japan.

Frank is a founder of PopMyDeal and YouCaddy which is a part of the Founders Space Accelerator and Incubator program. Frank has a MS in Computer Science from CSU-Hayward and BS in Computer Information Services from UC Santa Cruz.

He spends most of his spare time with Highway 9, a local classic rock band, tennis, and golf.

Alexander Koorkoff

With almost a quarter century in the software industry, Alex has worked on all sides of the modern technology stack. Having amassed experience in application architecture and engineering for various industries, from healthcare to scientific to entertainment, Alex enjoys building complex systems with lots of moving parts.

He has MS in Computer Systems Engineering from St.Petersburg Institute of Technology.

Alex is an avid aviator and paraglider pilot and prefers to spend his spare time above ground.

Casildo Romero

With 15+ years in the software industry and almost 30 years programming, Casildo has worked with various technology stacks and languages in various industries. With an educational and research background in mathematical modeling and numerical simulation, with an emphasis in modeling dynamic systems, he has worked for Los Alamos National Laboratory (Theoretical Division), NASA Ames (AI Planning & Scheduling Group), Lockheed Martin (Integrated Systems & Solutions), as well as various Silicon Valley startups.

Casildo is the founder of RST-Analytics, stock market analysis web platform, and Double Integration, a web application consulting company. He has an MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New Mexico and both a BS in Applied Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering from New Mexico State University.

Casildo spends most of his extra time training high school and college baseball players, including his son CJ.